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This page is general Info on the characters.

Want to become a character? E-Mail Me in the Staff Section.

Elec Man

Elec Man

Weapon: Electricity

Likes: Electricity, Donuts, Beer, anything Electronic.

Dislikes: Incompetence, Water.

Elec Man is both the author, and the essential leader of the group. Is constantly annoyed by the antagonists of the website. He is without a doubt, the 2nd most competent person on the entire site. (1st Being Wily) Although he tries to keep everything in order, he always enjoys a good beer.

Bomb Man

Bomb Man

Weapon: Bombs, and other things that go Boom.

Likes: Explosives, Sugar, Malls, Car Rides, Escalators

Dislikes: Health Food, Non-Explosives

Bomb Man is, without a doubt, THE most hyper person on the internet. Give him sugar, and he goes ballistic. His attempts to be compentent usually fail with him and everyone else in the room getting rowdy. He is also the first one to grab something if its free.

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Fire Man

Weapon: Fire

Likes: Things That Burn, Trees, Beer.

Dislikes: Water, Being Cold, Logic.

The stupid one of the group, and the most incompenent person you can find anywhere. Usually, Fire Man unwittingly burns things with the flame on his head. He enjoys having conversations with inanimate objects.


Guts Man

Likes: Things That Are Heavy, Liquor, Fighting, Janet Jackson

Dislikes: Soft Objects, Ducks that are "Evil"

Guts Man is the strong person of the group. Everyone else secretly considers him a "Human Shield". He is very afraid of ducks, but only the ones that are "EVIL".

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Cut Man

Likes: Sharp Objects, Mental Challenges, Beer.

Dislikes: Transvestites, Rust.

Being the smart one of the group, (Once he joins anyway) Cut Man is usually the first to think of a plan. People say he's Sharp. Which is sort of a double meaning considering that he bears a giant pair of scissors on his noggin. They are very very shiny.


Ice Man

Likes: Hot Girls, Anything Cold.

Dislikes: Work, Drudgery.

If you could describe Ice Man in two words it would probably be Freezing Flirt...or something. Ice Man is constantly trying to hit on girls. For a while, Ice Man was a corporate bozo, until Elec Man and everyone else taught him the wonderful gift of sleaze.


Doc Man

Likes: Stuff, Imitation.

Dislikes: Non-Stuff.

He's a robot that can impersonate other robots. Nuff Said.


Team Evil

Names: Joe, Paul, and AJ.

They Like: Being Evil.

They Dislike: Justice, Health Food.

AJ: The Large Yellow One.

Joe: The Smaller Blue-ish One.

Paul: The Green one.

All we know is that they are Evil. Who knows? Are they working for some......higher evil?