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Author Party

Author Party! This is a little side comic I'm making in which a ton of webcomic authors, including Myself, Sic, Colin Castro, Shaolin Dave, and several others, are all put in one room where they can drink beer and discuss random shit.

If You would like to take part in Author Party, then e-mail me at: then send me your spritesheet of your author, and your website. I won't include you if you dont send me sprites, or your website sucks, according to me.

Episode 1: THAT is what makes America GREAT!

Episode 2: Sic Enjoys It

Episode 3: THAT'S Gonna Stink!

Episode 4: And That'll Stink MORE!

Episode 5: He'd Be Less Happy To Know

Episode 6: All Your Beers Are Belong To Us

Episode 7: Sic's Pissed

Episode 8: And that's AVERAGE

Episode 9: It's just THEM.

Episode 10: Which IS better?

Episode 11: Fun Time For Shaolin Dave!

Current Cast:

Elec Man (Me)

Sic (Gamejumpers)

Colin Castro (Final Fantasy Excursions)

Shaolin Dave (Joe and Pip)

Akuma The Hedgehog (Dimensional Link)

Redwolf (N/A)

Nils (Yo Sonic!)

MaverickZero (Rockman Sonic)

Windlaw (All For Nothing)

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